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Supreme Analog Compression With Attitude

Mr Mastering

ULTImate Bass Engine

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Mr Mastering presents...

 "A unique-sounding dynamic processor that's modelled and inherits sonic characteristics from some of the most classic analog compressors in the audio industry. "

The Mojo stands proudly and boldly as one of the most iconic sounding compressors inside and outside of the box.

"A processor that has tons of analog mojo and vibe for days."

The Mojo is Born

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For  Smart  Mixes

THE mojo (greyer)- seaside resort font meme.png

Sale price $109 $89

Vibe² x Quality = Mojo

The Mojo compressor offers a deep palette of sonic possibilities for adding fat analog character and cohesiveness to your DAW tracks. 

Whether you’re going for subtle gentle compression to sweeten up a buss channel, or you’re looking for weight, density & fatness on your instrument tracks, The Mojo handles it all with superior polish!

The Next Chapter

As a creative tool, The Mojo lets you input varying degrees of saturation into the signal chain  — from subtle to severe — on any source.

The Mojo’s Input control lets you dial in shades of harmonic generation, injecting additional warmth into the dynamics circuit upon request.

We are proud to present 

Release some dynamic voodoo on your tracks!

THE mojo (greyer)- seaside resort font meme.png
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THE mojo (greyer)- seaside resort font meme.png

Sale price $109 $89


  • 42 Presets

  • Variable Attack & Release Times

  • Variable Input Drive Saturation

  • VU Metering

  • 4x Oversampling

  • 64bit Internal Processing

  • Fire Ultra Harmonic Mode

  • Dry/Wet Mix Control

  • Low Distortion Multi-Stage Design


  • VST2, VST3, AU

  • 64 bit compatible

  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher

  • Windows 7 or higher

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