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Vintage Cassette & Vinyl Vibes?


(​​You Got It.)



Tapeboy by Curtiss King

Curtiss King


Tapeboy by Curtiss King

Tapeboy is a 90's Boom Bap kid dream come true. An all in one vintage cassette and vinyl emulator inspired by the popular handheld Home Alone 2 recorder TalkBoy.


While seamlessly recreating the warm cassette & vinyl vibes of yesterday, this effects plugin also provides features with the modern Music Producer in mind.

​Tapeboy was designed to add an accurate and classic hardware touch to any melodic sample, vocal, or drum sound.


What does Tapeboy include?

Built-In Background SFX ⛈️​

Advanced LO-FI SFX Mode
As producers we recognize the important role ambient sound effects play in our music. We also know how uninspiring it is to stop our music to locate high quality samples to set the vibes right. With Tapeboy you can choose from 9 ambient SFX such as classic vinyl crackles, chill rainstorms, and laid back café chatter to bring listeners into your world.

Lo-Fi Sync Button
In our latest update we allow you to not only determine how loud you would like your sound effects to be, but we also give you the option of whether or not to sync them to your audio.

Warmth & 8-Bit 🤖

Analog WARM  Mode

​Add and customize various styles of analog warmth and presence to your samples by clicking on the advanced WARM mode button.

Advanced 8-BIT Mode

​Looking to add some digital video game distortion to your samples? Click on the Advanced Tapeboy 8-Bit button to add and customize  an authentic throwback crunch and edge to your audio samples.

Low/High Pass EQ Filters

Freely remove and automate the low and high end bands of your audio sample by sliding our built in EQ filters left and right.


Wobble & Duck 📼

Wobble Wheel

Determine how much digital pitch variation you would like to add to your samples by

adjusting the wobble wheel.



Rarely seen within tape emulators, Tapeboy includes a velocity ducking sidechain feature. Determine both the amount of ducking you would like to add to your samples and the rate at which you desire to duck your samples. (1/2, 1/4, 1/1)


Lifetime Updates 🔐


You pay only once for Tapeboy. When we update Tapeboy, you will be always be

the first to receive it, free of charge.


Curtiss King

Earn FREE Rewards For Making Beats 🏆​

​A popular feature we carried on from our first plugin BEAT TIMER was our rewards module. This feature gives you the opportunity to earn free rewards such as unreleased sound packs, discount codes, and exclusive prizes when you complete 7, 15, and 30 consecutive days of making beats with Tapeboy. Yes, we pay YOU for doing what you LOVE.



System Requirements

MacOS 10.9 or later (64-bit)
Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
Internet connection (for installation and reward downloads only)

VST3 (64-Bit)
AU (64-Bit)

Tapeboy runs on any DAW supporting VST3 or AU (Pro-Tools Not Included)
Ableton Live
FL Studio
Logic Pro

Plugin Software Coded by Lee Of Mr. Mastering
Plugin Designed by Nicklaus Gray

Tapeboy by Curtiss King

We are excited and proud to bring you our second plugin by way of Tapeboy!
​We hope you enjoy it.





© 2020, Slap Experts LTD

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