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High resolution AI ANALOG mastering for just $17.99


The revolution is here...

AI mastering with analog mojo!

SoundBorg identifies your tracks production style, cross references against a broad database of musical genres & produces an optimal set of mastering processing.

Our engineers then add the final analog polish for an oustanding result.




Our network of engineers work round the clock to ensure that you have the best possible chance of hitting those deadlines.

Turnaround time for AI Analog mastering is guaranteed to be delivered within 6-12 hours.

Insane? We know...

SoundBorg never sleeps!




We guarantee premium quality and expertly crafted sonics, no matter the style. Our engineers are

experienced in pretty much every sound known to man.

Rock, Dance, Hip-Hop, EDM, Acoustic, R&B, House, Pop, Folk, Jazz, Reggae, World, Soundtrack you name it!



All masters are delivered as Hi-Res WAV files straight to your inbox for just $12.99. Soundborgs AI driven audio-chain does not compromise on quality, wired to get you an outstanding result.

At SoundBorg, you are guaranteed classic sounding analog masters, at a fraction of the cost :)

What is AI Mastering?

AI Mastering is the use of artificial intelligence in the mastering process. It involves the use of machine learning algorithms to analyze the audio and make adjustments to factors like volume, equalization, and compression to achieve a balanced and cohesive sound. At SoundBorg, we take AI Mastering a step further by adding a human touch, ensuring that every track is not only technically perfect but also emotionally resonant.

Benefits of Online Mastering

Online Mastering provides a convenient and accessible solution for artists and producers. With our service, you can submit your tracks from anywhere in the world and receive your mastered tracks directly to your inbox. It eliminates the need for physical studio visits, making it a time-saving and cost-effective option. Plus, with our rapid turnaround time and the unique hybrid of AI and human expertise, you can meet even the tightest deadlines without compromising on quality.

The Power of Analog Mastering

Analog Mastering uses analog equipment to process the audio, adding a warm and rich character that's often sought after in the music industry. At SoundBorg, we combine the best of both worlds with our AI Analog Online Mastering service. We use AI to analyze your tracks and make initial adjustments, then our experienced engineers add the human touch, using analog processing to add that classic warmth and depth to your sound.

Why Choose SoundBorg for AI Analog Online Mastering?

At SoundBorg, we're committed to delivering top-quality mastering services that meet the needs of today's artists and producers. Our AI Analog Online Mastering service combines the precision of AI with the character of analog processing and the discerning ear of a human engineer. This unique hybrid approach delivers a sound that's both modern and timeless. With our rapid turnaround, affordable pricing, and commitment to quality, SoundBorg is the smart choice for all your mastering needs.

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