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Mr Mastering is a collective of passionate audio engineers working in world-class studios worldwide. Our vision was to launch a revolutionary online mastering service that would serve all artists, signed or unsigned, major label or independent. We are now at the forefront of the industry as the go to mastering home for countless artists and record labels of all genres around the world, devoted to delivering the best sounding records ever.


Our innovative team of developers have spent years advancing our unique auto mastering algorithms which are at the heart of our delivery process.  All tracks are instantly analysed and adjusted towards the appropriate style/genre  and then a dedicated mastering engineer brings it home using the best analog equipment in existence. 



Online Mastering - Mr Mastering

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Online Mastering - Mr Mastering
Online Mastering - Mr Mastering

Digital Algorithms

Analog Mojo

Online Mastering





Mr M's extensive selection of vintage outboard equipment and new state of the art digital mastering algorithms will ensure optimum results for your project.

Our experienced engineers will transform your tracks into professional standard masters, ready for commercial use.

Online Mastering





We have the expertise to take greater control of your mixdown with more targeted corrections and enhancement to the equalization, dynamics, depth and balance of the instruments in mix. See our FAQ for more detail.

Online Mastering




Mr Mastering is centered within the music industry as the go to mastering home for countless artists and record labels of all genres around the world.

Here at Mr Mastering online, you are guaranteed the same classic sounding masters, at a fraction of the cost ;)


We are working round the clock here at Mr Mastering to ensure that you have the best possible chance of hitting those deadlines.

Turnaround time for your final masters is 48 hours guaranteed (24 hours for clients who purchase expedited mastering services).

Online Mastering
Online Mastering





Our state of the art monitoring studios are acoustically treated to provide the optimal listening environment for your tracks.

This will allow your music to be expertly analyzed so that you can be confident that it will translate across a range of audio systems. 

Online Mastering





Mr Mastering unique mastering software has the algorithms needed to elevate your music to a full and polished sound. With a striking interface and a modern workflow, our algorithms provide intuitive analysis and precision 

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