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Mr Mastering

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ULTImate Bass Engine


After spending an eternity living in the lab surrounded by tape reel, vinyl decks and analog devices,
Mr M. surfaced with a spark in his eyes, “It’s finally here” he cried.

An inspirational plugin dedicated to the timeless vibe of classic tape.

 A plugin modelled on the imperfect sonics of a sound that shaped a generation.

“It just needs a name to give it life” he whispered… The name is RetroHead.

Retro Sound




For  Retro  Addicts

RetroHead Mixtape font white.png

Intro price $75 $45

Vibe and Beyond

Mr M. continued to eagerly describe his new creation in a rapid rant...


"RetroHead with its physical modelling of four different cassettes gets you all the lofi warm vintage flavour you could dream of in a plug-in."

"Bring your sound Back to the Future by adding in some sync based pulse, blend back in some original tone with the wet/dry mix knob, turn up the warp and you've got a vibe like no other."


Stay in Sync

Perfect the imperfect by syncing controls to the tempo of your track. Lock motion in time with the beat.


Heat it Up

Push your sound to the limit by driving the input gain into heated analog saturation. Bake it up in the oven!


Craft Your Sound

Shape your tone with 2 buttery smooth filters modelled on a legendary mastering grade eq from the 1970's (HP & LP).

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