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It's no secret that the human voice is the most versatile instrument to ever exist.

But what happens when you take it beyond its limit with modern fx techniques & fuse it with ground breaking Trap production elements.


We had to find out....


And the Trapped sample pack was born!

  • What's Included in Trapped?

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    • Over 180+ Loops & One Shots

    • 5 Construction Kit Monoliths

    • Pristinely Mastered Audio Files

    • Tempo Range of 130- 160 BPM

    • MIDI Files Included

  • More Info

    It's never enough to just capture high quality samples & recordings, tracks need musicality & soul to bring them to life. The Trapped sample pack captures this spirit with some of the most unique and soul wrenching melodies in the genre.

    All content has been crafted, mastered & labelled with key information, making it easier than ever for you to add unique sounds to your DAW session.

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