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Stranger Sounds - Custom

Stranger Sounds - Custom

$72.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price

Stranger Things, the Netflix original series captured the imagination of miilions.
Amongst all of the special fx and capitvating plotlines a mysterious element fused it all together... The sound.

Welcome to Stranger Sounds...
A sample pack that goes above & beyond!

  • What's Included in Stranger Sounds?

    • 9 Stem Monoliths

    • Over 50+ of Musical Stems

    • Professionally Recorded / Edited Synth & FX Loops

    • Crafted, Mastered & Labelled with Key Information

    • Composed Using State of the Art Analog Equipment

  • More Info

    Stranger Sounds brings the legendary sound of analog synthesizers. The Moog Opus 3, the Korg MS-20, the Access Virus and more. Played with true nostalgia we've captured these signature sounds for you to layer in to your next production, whether that's your next EDM, Hip Hop, Soundtrack or Trap hit.

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