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A sonic rewind back to the future.


An inspirational plugin dedicated to the timeless vibe of classic tape, modelled on the imperfect sonics of a sound that shaped a generation.

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    RetroHead with its physical modelling of four different cassettes gets you all the lofi warm vintage flavour you could dream of in a plug-in.


    Bring your sound Back to the Future by adding in some sync based pulse, blend back in some original tone with the wet/dry mix knob, turn up the warp and you've got a vibe like no other.

  • What's Included in Retrohead?

    • 50 Presets

    • Tempo-synced mode

    • Analog modeled HP & LP filters

    • Preset favouriting

    • 4 cassette models

    • 8 noise layers

    • Tape dub emulation

    • Dry/Wet mix control

    • Input drive saturation

    • Mr M. style warp engine

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