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Probably the fattest rhythmic auto panner on the planet!


FatPan is a magical fx plugin that brings back fun, rhythmic, analog auto panning to producers around the globe. 


The smart addition of frequency filter modulation allows you to warp your sound as it dances across the stereo stage.

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    FatPan is the perfect sauce to bring life and character to those tracks that need some personality...

    Throw em' in the pan and fry up some goodness!"


    Get creative and play around with all the smart controls like it's a classic video game or modify the smart X/Y pad contoller for even more sonic possibilities.

  • What's Included in FatPan?

    • 50 Presets

    • Tempo-synced auto paning

    • Frequency modulation 

    • X/Y pad filter controller

    • Preset favouriting

    • Tape dub emulation

    • Dry/Wet mix control

    • Input drive saturation

    • Mr M. style warp engine

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