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Mr Mastering

ULTImate Bass Engine



The clock struck...

It was 9 o'clock on a mysterious Autumn evening and Mr M. had just finished applying the final sparks on his latest invention.

Everyone waited eagerly for the extraordinary to be revealed....

"This magical fx plugin brings back fun, rhythmic, analog auto panning to producers around the globe" he declared! 

"And it doesn't stop there...

I've added in some weird and wild juicy filters that warp your sound as it dances across the stereo stage." 

Let The Games Begin



For  Sound Nerds


Sale price $75 $59

Play and Create

He continued..."FatPan is dedicated to taking your sounds to another stereo dimension..." 


"It's the perfect sauce to bring life and character to those tracks that need some personality... Throw em' in the pan and fry up some goodness!"

"You can get creative and play around with all the smart controls like it's a classic video game.."

He smirked,

"I even threw in a smart X/Y pad contoller for even more possibilities."


We are proud to present 

the fattest rhythmic auto panner on the planet!

Mr M. handed over a multicolored box and scribbled Fat. Pan in his signature handwriting.

"This effect is a sound producers dream... As always, I'll let you share it with the world while I start work on the next big creation!" 

The Next Chapter

Fpan2 (Black).png

Sale price $75 $59


  • 50 Presets

  • Synced/Free auto panning modes

  • Frequency modulation 

  • X/Y pad filter controller

  • Preset favouriting

  • 2 FM shape modes

  • Input/Output control

  • 4 pan shape modes

  • Spectrum analyzer


  • VST2, VST3, AU

  • 64 bit compatible

  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher

  • Windows 7 or higher

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