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Mr Mastering

ULTImate Bass Engine

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As we walked down into the dim lit lab a factory of chocolate bars lay dotted around the scene.

What was this?...

Had he pushed too far this time?

Before we could ponder further the mad doc that is Mr M emerged with a glint in his eye, frantically munching on a tasty chocolate brownie.

"Inspiration knows no boundaries!"  he yelled.

"I've created a dynamic compressor that will ignite the taste buds of musical engineers for decades to come.

I've created... Choco!" 

From Chocolate to Sound



For  Tone Heads

Choco Chocolate Factory Font Meme.png

Intro price $75 $59

A Sonic Treat

Choco has the beautiful character of turning any instrument under its threshold into sweet ear candy.


"This compressor will add smooth creamy depth to those harsh overtones that tend to rip through your eardrums like razor blades..."

"An absolute must for all sound enthusiasts and mix engineers that appreciate distinct weight and quality in their music….

And for anyone who loves chocolate of course!"

The Next Chapter

Developed, signed, sealed and delivered by MR Mastering, Choco lies here eager to be indulged by your next musical creations. 

We are proud to present 

The only chocolate tasting compressor on the market!

Choco Chocolate Factory Font Meme.png
Choco tilt green_edited_edited.png
Choco Chocolate Factory Font Meme.png

Intro price $75 $59


  • 33 Presets

  • Anti-Clip Output Stage Topology

  • Smooth & Crunch Compression Modes

  • Maximum compressor gain reduction: 40dB

  • Mix Parallel Blend

  • Resizable HD User Interface

  • Undo/Redo Functions

  • Input/Output, GR Metering


  • VST2, VST3, AU

  • 64 bit compatible

  • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher

  • Windows 7 or higher

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