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Mr Mastering

ULTImate Bass Engine

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The clock struck and Mr Mastering's new creations were born.
The vision was now a reality...

6 One Knob plugins designed to be the fastest and amongst the best sounding FX on the planet.

His time in the lab was now complete and as always the next step was to release these FX into the world of producer DAW's across the globe.

“They just need a name to give them life” he whispered… The name is Clockwork.

FX From Another Dimension




For  Smart  Mixes

clockwork suicide squad_edited.png

Bundle price $129 $67

Speed and Beyond

The Clockwork series allows you to rapidly explore a range Mr M's finest FX engineering through the power of a midnight chrome dial.

"It's no secret that some of the most iconic pieces of Music, Art & Mixes were created in flow...


Clockwork allows you to move quickly & with freedom, keeping you in a state of inspiration throughout your creative journey"

clockwork suicide squad_edited.png

Bundle price $129 $67

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Clockwork Pulse gets you that signature pumping  effect used by countless hit records, quickly and easily.


Now you can make your instruments and tracks pulse in sync with your BPM just by turning one simple knob! 

We've done all the hard work under the hood to make it easy for you to apply this sonic sauce. You get all of the power without having to worry about complex routing and sidechaining!

No pain with all the gain! 

Turn the clock dial clockwise for a smooth analog style pulse or anti-clockwise for an agressive digital pump... you choose!

Need a litte extra flavour?

No problem, you've got 4 bonus time modes at your fingertips. 

Just push a button and you're done!



Reverb has never sounded this good with just the turn of a dial!

Clockwork Space gets you world class sounding ambience that fits right into your mix. Dial in your space, set it, forget it and let a complex combination of effects get to work in the background.


Ever heard of infinite space?

Well you have now... At the push of a button you can FREEZE the reverb tail to create surreal neverending space. Perfect for experimentation!

Whether it's vocals, piano or a sample loop, Clockwork Space will fit your sound like a glove with its built in automatic sidechaining.

Turn clockwise or anti-clockwise and change how the engine works under the hood for a variety of space and tone.

Want more options?

Your wish has been granted with 4 power buttons that shape your ambience further.

SPACE 3D_edited.jpg
TENSION 3D_edited.jpg



Welcome to Clockwork Tension.

The effortless way to create builds and intensity in your music!


Rotate clockwise and listen as a combination of filters, reverb, delays, noise generators and saturation get to work under the hood, building your sound up before that heavy drop.

Or rotate anti-clockwise and take your sound deep into the abyss of the underground.


Tension gives you control of 4 modes that change the inner workings of the processing under the hood.​

Clockwork Tension... All the power and none of pain!



This is Clockwork Fusion!

A single dial that will fuse together any sound that you throw at it.

Turn the knob in any direction and listen as Mr M's custom compressors get to work, shaping your sound across the full spectrum fusing your instruments in both Multiband and Mid-side.

In just a matter of seconds... Fusion gets you a sound that typically requires a heap of expertise and time to create!

Fusion gives you hands on control of 4 buttons that vary its character by changing how its inner elements interact.

Clockwork Fusion.... All the fusion, zero confusion!

FUSION 3D_edited.jpg
FIRE 3D_edited.jpg



From a subtle log wood fire to a full on blaze, Clockwork Fire gives you all of the analog saturation that you could desire in one knob.

Mr Mastering obsessed over studying all the great analog classics, and painstakingly gave life to a plugin that brings the best of analog saturation to your digital world.

You get 4 different modes that shift the inner workings of the plugin to open up a world of varying analog saturation character.

Beef up those bass lines, add a rich distortion to vocals, bring out the flames in your drum loops and so much more. Just use your ears and get cooking with this Fire plugin.

Clockwork Fire.... All of the flames without any of the pains!

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Intro price $75 $45



Clockwork Impact is your secret weapon to make any instrument stand out in the mix.

Turn the dial and let Mr M's custom dynamic processors, transient shapers & bit crushing get to work under the hood, allowing your sounds to take on completely new dynamic identity.

One knob to rule it all!


Impact works absolute wonders on your drums and adapts to any input source instrument to give them impact like no other!

As with all plugins in the Clockwork series, turn the clock forward or back in time to for different flavours of this great effect. 

Clockwork Impact... All of the energy without the friction!

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clockwork suicide squad_edited.png

Bundle price $129 $67


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