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Mr Mastering

ULTImate Bass Engine

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As we walked down into the dim lit lab a factory of chocolate bars lay dotted around the scene.

What was this?...

Had he pushed too far this time?

Before we could ponder further the mad doc that is Mr M emerged with a glint in his eye, frantically munching on a tasty chocolate brownie.

"Inspiration knows no boundaries!"  he yelled.

"And it doesn't stop there...

I've added in some weird and wild juicy filters that warp your sound as it dances across the stereo stage." 

From Chocolate to Sound



For  Tone Heads

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Play and Create

He continued..."FatPan is dedicated to taking your sounds to another stereo dimension..." 


"It's the perfect sauce to bring life and character to those tracks that need some personality... Throw em' in the pan and fry up some goodness!"

"You can get creative and play around with all the smart controls like it's a classic video game.."

He smirked,

"I even threw in a smart X/Y pad contoller for even more possibilities."